Clifton Green Primary School

Dear Julian and Mark

JMARK Construction is a very good and reliable company which I would highly recommend to anyone considering their employment. The children’s toilets at the school have been recently refurbished by JMARK. I am very impressed with the high standard of workmanship and, most importantly, the children are thrilled with their “very posh” toilets.

Why do I recommend JMARK?
Firstly, JMARK gives competitive quotes which are accurate. So often, quotations do not include those hidden extras, which can result in the cost of the job being far more than the original quote. This is not the case for JMARK. They give time to estimate the work to be done, so  realistic quotations are submitted.
JMARK will complete in the time they have specified so that the customer knows exactly when the work will be finished. This helps to coordinate with customer planning.
Their employees are honest, hard working, committed people who work together as an effective team. They are pleasant people to have around, which is particularly important when working in a school!
There is constant checking by Julian and Mark to make sure the work is to specification and is of a high standard. They will respond immediately and positively to the customer’s wishes to ensure the work is completed well, with every attention paid to the detail so that there is complete satisfaction. Any snagging work is undertaken quickly.
JMARK knows exactly what the customer wants and the finished product exceeds customer expectation.

JMARK Construction is one of the best in York and I can confidently recommend them.

SM Audsley – Headteacher, Clifton Green Primary School