St Wulstan’s, York

After the fire at the church, Christmas time 2008, we were all devastated it looked like we could have lost everything!

Once the initial cleaning had been done JMark were contracted to do the restoration and alterations work. This was in no way a small a task, it included decorating, plumbing, joinery, sanding, new lighting and rewiring, carpeting and major alterations including removing a balcony and making good the remaining walls, floors and HOLES! All of this was first class work.

To say this was done extremely well is a real understatement. We had several site visits at which the ideas, plans changed and this was never a problem. JMark consistently worked to please us in everything and nothing was ever too much trouble. We added work, removed work, changed work and plans and it was all taken in their stride and offering constructive advice when they thought appropriate.
It was a totally hassle free experience with 110 per cent commitment from JMark at all time.

After the work was completed we had a totally transformed church, yet not losing any of its character. The workmanship was excellent; everything was completed before time with absolutely no complaints.

Since being back in the church our numbers have grown and our toddler group is nearly full and I’m sure this is due much to the beautiful bright, airy church we now offer. The congregation when first re-entering the church just stood stared and said WOW! This is also the case when people new to St. Wulstan’s visit us.
So JMark on behalf of all at St Wulstan’s, Fossway, York and all our visitors thank you for giving us back our church and for giving it new life to serve the Lord in this place.

Sister Kate Wiley, Church Army Minister at St Wulstan’s